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lyn lindbergh

Founder's Bio

Lyn Lindbergh

Creator of

Lyn Lindbergh is the founder and creator of She is an award winning author and host of three podcasts including Listening Skills. She lives in the Seattle, WA area with her husband Erik Lindbergh. Lyn is on a mission is to help our nation learn how to listen so we can more easily solve the issues of our globe and avoid creating more issues all while creating deep and meaningful connections.

For Podcast Hosts

Talking Points

  • How did this project come about?

  • What are some of the basic listening skills skills?

  • What is one skill that will change our lives?

  • Tell me about how your view of listening has changed how you observe other's conversations?

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Call to Action

  • Head over to ListeningSkills.Shop, listen to the free podcast episodes and get your copy of the Listening Skills Guide.


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