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Level-up your team's listening skills and advance their effectiveness.

Listening Skills Workshop

Your team needs stronger listening skills;
I'll show them how.

Effective communication

Listening is the foundation of effective communication. When team members actively listen to one another, they can clarify misunderstandings and ensure everyone is on the same page. This leads to fewer errors and increased productivity, as well as stronger working relationships.

Improved problem-solving

Teams often face complex problems that require creative solutions. When team members listen actively to one another, they can pool their knowledge and insights to come up with innovative solutions. Listening helps team members to understand the issues at hand, identify the underlying causes of the problem, and work together to find the best possible solution.

Trusted relationships

Listening skills are essential for building trust and relationships within a team. When team members feel that they are being heard and understood, they are more likely to trust each other and work collaboratively. This can lead to a more positive and productive team environment.

The Listening Skills Workshop Includes​

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Prep-Session with Lyn

Laptop screen with multi ethnic diverse people, collage of group of multiracial people, we

Live Workshop

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The Guide

You know it's important.


You know listening skills is critically important to the cohesiveness and effectiveness of your team, but they are incredibly busy and in the middle of a transition. Plus, as a manager telling your team how to listen better is a difficult message for employees to receive. This is where I come in.


I'm the listening skills facilitator for exactly this situation.


Your team will quickly refresh their listening skills so they can better connect with everyone in their workplace, make strong connections, retain important information delivered from clients, and build strong working relationships.

Let's get you started!
Schedule your workshop now.

That sounds great, but...

  • My team doesn't have the time.

  • It takes forever to get a budget approved.

  • We've done listening skills before.

  • How can I be sure it will work?



This is why every element of the workshop is designed with these needs in mind, and more.

  • Your team is busy, but how much time have you lost just this week from a lack of listening resulting in miscommunications? 

  • Our price point is amazing and can be purchased with a credit card so there are no lengthy purchase orders required.

  • This training is different. Your group will have a powerful opportunity to practice listening skills with an actual meeting topic of your choice. That's right, you'll have the option to complete actual work while practicing listening skills.

  • Your team will also receive the listening skills guide. This can be used by you for quick 1-minute reviews of any listening skills concepts with your team.

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